Barn Stormers / Part 1 / 25.06.11

“Get onnn my laaaaAAnd!” Is the new phrase we hope to hear allot more of in the coming months, If not years.  I spent Saturday in Fife in a farm barn surrounded by 3 meter by 100 meter concrete walls along with 16 other artists.  Beer and a nice bit of local cow on the BBQ were also amongst the fumes.   Thanks to Dickie the organizer and his networked family of farmers, I called up some Glasgow gents, word spread and we were allowed to make a Graff jam in a space usually filled with grain.
In Scotland there are no Legal areas to paint, so sometimes you have to paint in the most unlikely of places and this is the start of a movement of Farm Jams, so put the pitchforks down and grab yer paints, its Barn Stormers!

 ‘Photography by The Artificial Asylum – | Lights Out Collective

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