SECRET WARS EURO LEAGUE Pre-Event Work in Glasgow

Secret Wars Euro League Kicks off tomorrow at last (Thursday 25th Feb.) with Glasgow vs. Malmo at the Sub Club! So in prep I got me and the boys (and thanks to Sub Club) what can only be described as a BIG ASS (how the hell we got it, still beats me) space to paint a ridiculous mural and ad for the events coming up in a glory spot, dead centre in Glasgow. It’s almost touching Central Station! Holy Throb! It only took 1 latex glove, a tub of Vaseline and a row of council workers followed by a complimentary mint to get!

Big Thanks To Ricky the joiner, Jason13 our Photo guy and Scotland team for going beyond the call of Duty on that one!

So if you’re in Glasgow, you have no excuse. Its payday! Cheap drinks! Quality artwork, insane beats from our DJ’s Spectrum and Guest set by Mike Peck… so don’t be a ” I have Uni in the morning” “ I have Work” “I currently have an ASBO and cant leave the house due to my tag going off” or a “I live in Tokyo at moment so couldn’t possibly get a 28 hour flight all the way to Scotland in less than 24hours notice kind of person!”

Get Yer Arse Doon and support your team. Scottish and Swedish!

An good luck to our players of this round Estum, Rekor and Vues!

Check here for more Info

And keep updated with the official Euro League Site.

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