Game of Cones canvas

Glasgow city council were wanting to raise the plinth for the infamous ‘duke of wellington’ statue in Glasgow in an aim to stop the Glasgow tradition of placing a traffic cone on his head. Article here 

No surprise, this did not go down well at all.   A petition and usual social media ranked up under 100,000 likes and 1000′s of signatures in under 24 hours. Thus, the council walked away arses slapped!  Facebook page here.

In 2010 I did a quick doodle of the duke of wellington on a raised plinth with council workers clambering up to take the cone off.  So I got my finger out and painted the 5ft piece for a solid 2 weeks!

It has exhibited at cocktail & burger and saltmarket gallery so far.

Spraying Bricks Kickstarter


Spraying Bricks is a Street Art / Graffiti based documentary series started up by a friend Louis Jensen A.K.A Louis Dyer.  Basically, whopping docu’s need funding for it to expand.  SO he has started up a kick starter project. Link HERE. Please check it out, you get goodies / limited edition screen prints by artists (including me) with certain amounts of backing.

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