Tom Clancy’s The Division Graffiti.

Tom Clancy’s The Division Graffiti Conzo Throb

Tom Clancy’s The Division was an exciting project I worked on last year along with a list of over 22 other incredible artists from around the globe such as Buff Monster, Gregg Mike, Inkie, Captain Kris, Lamour Supreme and many more, curated by Monorex.

Graffiti & Street Art has of course featured in many games prior this, but none have gone to this extent in todays games, nailing detail and placement with scale being mostly spot on!  With a wide range of actual real living Graffiti & Street Artists featured throughout the game, as opposed to the usual obvious suspects or in most cases made up ones created by a game companies in-house design team who create a naive and rather lowbrow attempt at what they see as ‘Graffiti.’   Leaving people in the know cringing at how bad it is (which is nearly every game I’ve played in the past).

I havant seen more than 2% of this game yet, as it is that big!  It is a nice and welcomed touch to big world games as it makes it seem all the more familiar and real with hidden easter eggs like these scattered throughout.  So will keep an update on my Instagram as I find more of my work about.  But keep an eye out, as there are some amazing works by the whole team involved that look so good and surreal in this game.

Tom Clancy’s The Division Graffiti – Conzo Throb

Tom Clancy’s The Division Graffiti – Buff Monster

Tom Clancy’s The Division Graffiti – Panik – Yok

Tom Clancy’s The Division Graffiti – Lamour Supreme

Hoot the Redeemer

Hoot the redeemer, conzo, conzo throb, scotland

I have spent the past 6 months working closely with the team who brought you Edinburgh’s award winning speak easy bar ‘Panda and Sons‘ who have just opened a sister more mischievous bar on Hanover Street ‘Hoot the Redeemer‘.  I have painted murals / created mascots for their very own Ice Cream ‘Senor Scoop’ to a booze awarding genie disguised as a claw machine ‘Pinch’n Sip’.

Once I have final product shots I will update my website and be incredibly proud to share what has been my favourite commission to date.

Nice shout out on STV news too. STV Hoot the Redeemer.

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