I am a Scottish based Artist / Illustrator who originally chased ice cream vans in a small mining town with missing green lights outside of Glasgow.   Easier to describe me as coming from the (just turned adult) jackass generation, never raised on the four elements associated with graffiti. Instead Tv, videogames and a good upbringing accompanied by the daily intake of ‘Ren and Stimpy’ ‘South Park’ and ‘Johnny Knoxville’ were my Alibi.

I have been doodling my whole life, but I have been more focussed in the last seven years now.   Dabbling in Graffiti, Illustration and Digital Design, my work and style is usually character based and influenced by the retro / vintage / fat & ugly.  If you have a bit of humour and dont take things to serious and are also easily offended…LOOK!

Oh aye, I am also a co-founder of a Design and Illustration Studio ‘de:strukt‘ based in Glasgow that covers a wider range of the Design spectrum.


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